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Learning Resources Tactile Letters

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This best selling set of 26 lower case letters with tactile guidance guides your child on how to form the letters.  Follow the arrows to feel a smooth path, trace the wrong way and the rough texture provides instant feedback
Boosts memory by increasing proprioception in touch sensors (subcutaneous receptors)
Ideal learning aid for children and especially beneficial to those with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder.

Colour coding of vowel letters increases learning on a visual level.
Place the letters in a bag and see if the child can identify the letter.  Trace the letters with a finger several times, then paint the letter forming the letter correctly with finger tips onto different paper textures to really build the memory of letter formation.

Increased proprioception in the fingers can lead to improved handwriting and pencil grip control.  Proprioception is the feeling you receive through the fingers and joints in the body. Poor proprioception can be the cause of poor handwriting.

This is a really wonderful resource to go along with the Tactile Numbers & Operations set, for children who like to learn differently

  • Trace the shape with a finger by starting at the dot and following the arrows; go wrong and the rough texture provides sensory input for self-checking
  • Sturdy plastic letters can be used in all types of messy play
  • Includes 26 pieces and a multilingual activity guide
  • Letters measure 10cm x 7cm