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TopBright Yummy Bear 123 Scale

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This Scale is designed to help children learn the basics of weighing things by counting numbers and cakes to keep the balance for both sides of the scale.

- Observe the deflection of the red pointer in the middle of the balance and adjust the weights on both sides of the balance.
- Use paper money to buy and sell cakes to help children understand the basic financial quotient of the buying and selling concept.
- The balance between the left and right of the scale makes the mathematics concepts more intuitive and interesting.

- 1 x Chef Bear
- 1 x Balance Body
- 2 x Scales
- 10 x Cake Number Weights
- 10 x Numbers (1 to 10)
- 10 x Paper Money
- 1 x Manual

Age: 3 Years +
Item size: 34 x 16 x 15.5 cm