Welcome to The Toy Trip

As teachers we know how creating play opportunities for children lead to the development of language, social and motor skills and hope to share products that have worked in our classrooms to create these purposeful play opportunities.

We love getting creative and messy and we hope to help you discover and choose toys that inspire you to play and connect with your little ones. We are so excited for you to join us on our journey as we share easy play at home activities, recipes, tips, advice and experiences. We started The Toy Trip in the hope to provide parents with affordable quality toys that we love and use in our classrooms. We are not joking when we say many of our products are tried, tested and loved!

Hi there! Nice to meet you...

I'm the passionate mom and teacher behind the Toy Trip brand and I love all things educational! Get to know me, and our brand, a bit better!

What our clients have to say!

  • Anèl Böning

    "It's always a pleasure ordering from The Toy Trip. They sell wonderful, affordable, toys and educational resources and they give easy and practicle ideas to use with them."

  • Nicole Tavares

    "The Toy Trip offers an exceptional service and have gone out of their way on multiple occasions to assist me in sourcing specific toys. They offer their expertise when it comes to suggestions and the age guidance of their products. The Toy Trip has fast become my number 1 shop for gifts, day-to-day toys, art supplies and books."

  • Michell Glover

    "Thanks again for your wonderful service. You will always be my favourite toy business."

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