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Imagimags Train Set

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The all-new Imagimags Train Set (for ages 3–7) boasts a whopping SIX colourful, connectable vehicles! Special studs link seamlessly with your favourite early-learning building bricks.

All aboard for imaginative journeys

With 6 studded vehicle bases, and 12 matching chunky square tiles, all with large studs, your little creator will be embarking on exciting adventures, fuelled by their imaginations. The possibilities stretch far beyond the train tracks!

Imagine the play

Chug into endless fun! Connect the vehicle bases to create a safari train through the jungle, a space caravan or an underwater submarine. Fill the train with your child's favourite figurines from their collection, and embark on exciting journeys across imaginary landscapes!

Imagine the learning

Click, Connect, Grow! The Imagimags Train Set builds engineering skills, sparks creativity, and fuels epic storytelling adventures!

What's in the box

6 Vehicle bases
12 Large-studded squares