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Learning Resources - Helping Hands™ Sensory Scoops

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These handy scoopers build super sensory skills! Kids boost their hand strength, coordination, and other essential fine motor skills through tactile play with the Helping Hands Sensory Scoops, a sensory toy from Learning Resources. Sized just right for little hands, the four fun fine motor tools in this set each come with a unique way to scoop: kids can rotate and sift, funnel and stamp, twist and pour, or practice a whole-hand scooping motion! Made from colorful wipe-clean plastic, the Helping Hands Sensory Scoops are ready for fun in sensory bins at home or in the classroom, but the fun doesn’t end there—take them to the sandbox, water table, or other play spaces to add a touch of fine motor sensory fun to any playtime! They’re even ready for fidget fun!

From sensory bin essentials to fun ways to fidget, award-winning educational toys from Learning Resources engage kids’ hands, brains, and senses through screen-free, hands-on play. Designed to help lower stress, provide calm after challenges, and regulate emotions, these sensory toys give kids the tools they need to be the best versions of themselves. Made from durable, BPA-free plastic, our sensory toys are ready for years of learning fun at home or in the classroom.